Leaves, leaves, leaves...

Leaf clean up can be a pain and expensive! Nothing smoothers out new grass seedlings faster than a coating of "mulched" up leaves. There is fine line between helping the soil and killing off the fall seeding job.

A general rule is no more than 1/4" of leaves chopped up and left behind at any one time. Please don't think you are helping the soil by chopping up and leaving a "carpet" of ground up leave material behind. If you can't see the grass through the leaves chopped up, you have ground up too many leaves. Even zoysia lawns will not like that many leaves chopped up and left on top of it. Bag up the clippings or blow them away, but don't leave them in place.

Finally, give your cool season lawns it's final application of fertilizer. We like to suggest U-flexx (100% slow release nitrogen) at 3.5#/1000 ft. sq. This brilliant blue product is easy to spread and see. It will provide excellent fall color and early spring green up with out a "blast" of spring growth. Spot spray weeds with Turflon Ester if the air temperature is above 45 degrees and plan on winterizing the lawn mower around Thanksgiving!

Peace good health to you all. It is my goal to to be more diligent with my blog writings in 2010! Trying to keep up with my friend Paul Hurst at Greens Pro, Inc!


Glenn Kraemer

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