October Plan of Action...

Here is a turfgrass action plan for October!

Warm Season Grasses;

*Try NOT to mow under 2 ½ inches. Let your zoysia get leggy going into winter.

*No more fertilizer except high Potash (K) fertilizers. Like 8-4-24 or 0-0-50.SOP.

*Apply gypsum (50#/1000 ft. sq.) along your edges to help prevent salt damage this winter.

*Carefully apply herbicides if needed. Read the label and use common sense.

*Don’t water or aerate unless it’s part of a 50/50 yard.

*Try to keep leaves from accumulating for more then 3-4 days.

Cool Season Grasses:

*Still a good time to seed. Expectations might be lower, but get it done!

*Continue with fall fertilizer schedule. A pound of nitrogen or 10# of Milorganite per 1000 ft. sq is what we suggest.

*Keep the leaves off your new seedlings every 3-4 days! A blower is best!

*Spot spray weeds as your new grass matures. Usually, you can spray weeds 4-6 weeks after seeding or 3 weeks after laying sod.

*Not too late aerate. It really is never too late. Best way to introduce C-20 and help improve the soil…which helps with deep roots!

*Keep the top 1” moist into late October.

*Keep mowing at 3”-3.5” for the rest of the month. We’ll lower it towards the end of the month or next month depending on the weather???

Just spent the weekend up in KC with my son and his wife Maggie. She is due October 28 with our first grandchild and she is ready! Poor women is 5 foot nothing and all belly! So, her "plan of action" doesn't have a darn thing to do with grass or leaves! Please keep us all in your prayers!

"Most folks are about as Happy as they make their minds up to be" Abe Lincoln

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