Time to Help your cool Season Lawns!

What a strange summer. As I'm writing this, it has rained 4.0 inches at my house in the past 18 hours. The humidity has been crazy and now tomorrow it's supposed to be a high of 65? Go figure. As John Lennon said..."strange days in deed".

Going forward...fertilize your zoysia one last time with some high nitrogen fertilizer. Scout for insects as the grubs and Chinch bugs have been holding on still and may need to be treated with some Bifenthrin insecticide? Otherwise, do the following to your cool season grass:

Step-by-Step Cool Season Grass Renovation Practices:

  1. Decide if herbicide sprays are necessary. If so, read the label and apply as instructed. Most require 2 week waiting period to seed.

  2. Remove leaves, sticks or anything that might hinder “seed to soil” contact. Use top soil to level any low or rough areas.

  3. Mow down to 2”. Beware of any shallow tree roots and avoid them.

  4. Flag irrigation heads or utilities that may be damaged by machines.

  5. Power rake and remove thatch if necessary. Otherwise, spread C-20 (see attached) or peat moss (1/2”) if you need 100% “weed free” organic matter. Compost is a risk because you may bring in weed seeds???

  6. Spread fertilizer (If you haven’t done it earlier) and maybe half your seed in the barer/thinner areas and then core aerate in 2-3 passes. You can’t aerate too much!

  7. Hand rake or power rake again at soil level to insure good “seed to soil” contact. This will prevent seed from washing away and get organic matter into the root zone!

  8. Top dress with a light layer of peat moss, compost (see#5) or Penn Mulch. Avoid straw if possible. If you have good aeration and seed to soil contact, straw and compost can be avoided!

  9. Water daily for 2 weeks, but avoid puddles. You may need to water 2 times a day if it’s hot, windy or you have a steep slope to deal with?

  10. Mow at 3.5 inches after 2-3 weeks. Bag the clippings to avoid smothering the new seedlings.

  11. After the first mowing, back off the water to 2-4 days a week. Still avoiding puddles, but keeping the grass healthy.

  12. Weeds may be showing up around now. Again, read the label and see the limitations on applying the product. Usually, you have to wait 5-6 weeks AFTER seeding to apply selective herbicides.

  13. Spring seeding jobs can’t be treated for crabgrass till the new seed has been mowed 2-3 times.

  14. Read all labels of any chemicals before using!

  15. Consider hiring out this service next year! (09/18)

Happy Fall to all and Happy early Birthday Dad! We should all have such rich life as you have had! Love you!

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