I bought a small desk top sign with these words on it while vacationing in the Smoky Mountains. Liz and I went to visit our friends, Wayne and Vicki Gurley in Crossville, TN and then over to Knoxville for our 30th wedding anniversary. At the end of mass on the 17th, the priest asked if anyone is celebrating an anniversary? Well, there was us at 30 years, one couple had 45 and yet another had 55 years! It was a very cool moment!

As I'm typing this, the heat index is supposed to top out at 107 today! Summers here can be difficult to say the least. Here are few tips to help your lawns get through this heat:

Warm Season lawn"s

*Fertilize with 100% organic or high nitrogen fertilizers. Consider "C-20" as well!

*Check for surface insects. We suggest an application of "Allectus" insecticide right now if you suspect insect activity. Allectus kills both surface and subsurface insects! Bill bug and chinch bugs will need more than one application to control!

*Water 2-3 days a week

*Spot treat weeds as needed. Nutsedge and crabgrass are all over the place right now!

*Consider aerating and or power raking if thatch is present over 1". Apply preemergent afterwards or you will have a bunch of crabgrass!

Cool Season lawn's

*Mow as high as 4" and only as needed. We are mowing every 10-14 days now!

*ONLY use C-20 and or 100% organic fertilizers.

*Apply grub control if needed/desired? Available without fertilizer here!

*Spot spray weeds early in the morning only! Read the label for heat warnings!

*Keep fungicide applications to 23-25 days. It has not been a normal summer. There is more pressure than usual (high temperatures at night, humidity and drenching rains).

*Watering has been extra difficult with heavy pop up rains. Do the best you can to water deep and infrequently. 1" a week if possible.

Remember folks...it's just grass. God bless you and Happy belated 4th of July!

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