Mother Nature has Spoken!

It happens every year, we just don't when it will. Fungus time is here, so if you don't want to see as much of the brown spots in your yard as possible, please start your fungicide applications. Read the label to be sure you are applying the correct amount and timing between applications. Weeds too are showing their strength, so again, read the label and apply as directed.

Here are our TIPS for the next couple of weeks:

*Continue to mow high (all the way up on conventional push mower) or 4.5" on riding lawn mower.

*We suggest "Headway" fungicide at 4#/1000 ft. sq or 8K per 30# bag now and again in 25 days. Rotate in "Eagle" for the next two applications. Rest in early August and evaluate the forecast.

*Spray weeds as needed. Use 'sticker" and spray when cool in the morning if possible.

*Water to complement what Mother Nature is doing to us. don't over do it or you will help create fugal activity and weeds!

*Bag clippings to avoid "clumps" of clippings in the lawn.

*Be prepared to mow every 4-5 days as the 'cool season" lawns are loving this weather!

*Nutsedge is young and aggressive. I suggest waiting another week or two to attack it. "Dismiss" or "Sedgehammer" are the chemicals of choice for Nutsedge (add sticker!!)

As always, using 100% organic based fertilizers along with "C-20" is great way to increase Microbial Activity in the soil and provide deep roots (along with proper mowing) for healthy summer lawn! Mention this blog when buying "C-20" and receive

a bag for $35.00! Saving $15.00/40# bag. One bag covers 4,000 ft. sq.!

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