Finally...some spring weather!

We knew it would happen, but this had to be the slowest to develop spring I've seen in my 55 years! I finally got to spray some weeds in the cool season lawns, fertilize the warm season lawns, cleanup the Monkey Grass and spread some mulch. It was a busy weekend and it feels really good!

I got some fantastic news the other day in that my son, Ben, and his wife, Maggie, are making my wife and me grandparents in October! Needless to say life has taken on a special meaning of late. My sister, Nancy, became a grandmother 4 months ago and she told me a recent reflection on her life. She shared: "I can't believe God has put this little person in my life and in such a short period of time, I'm willing to walk in front of bus to protect her". Powerful stuff that I can relate too. Helps put life in perspective!

Lawn stuff we are suggesting to do:

*"Spot" spray weeds (this is called IPM or Integrated Pest Management. Most ecologically way to control weeds!) with the label rate of herbicide asap! Violets will need two applications 10-12 days apart to make them go away! Turflon Ester or Triclopyr is still the best product for Violets!

*Mow at 3.5 inches on your cool season lawns and 2.5 inches on the zoysia lawns.

*Turn on your irrigation and make sure it is working properly. Won't need a whole bunch now, but soon you will!!

*Plan to aerate and or power rake your zoysia lawns in the next 30 days for best results. Be sure to apply a fertilizer and preemergent after doing either practice!

*Apply an insecticide like Acelepryn or Allectus to zoysia lawn now as well. Bill bugs and Chinch bugs will be eating soon if they have not already?

*Hold off on spraying weeds in the zoysia lawns for a couple more weeks! Better safe then sorry!

Remember's just grass!

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