What a difference a year makes!

We were all mowing grass, spraying weeds and applying fertilizer's by this time last year, but we can barely do any of these now! Soil temperatures are still to low (below 48 and as low as 29 in the last week) to worry about crabgrass germinating, barely any weeds are growing to justify spraying weeds and some of you have mowed, but I have not...and don't see me doing so for 10-14 days!

Our warm season grasses (zoysia and Bermuda) are really freeked out and you should be doing nothing to these at all. I suggest avoiding aerating and or power raking for 3-4 weeks too!

Bottom line...BE PATIENT!!!

We all be asking for cool weather and rain in the next 30 days (how soon we forget). Keep my blog a click away to learn when it's safe to apply your pre-emergent, spray weeds and do what is right to your lawn. If you already applied your pre-emergent, it's Ok. Just expect to apply another application because this rain has diluted it's ability to last all summer probably?

Stay tuned and remember folks...it's just grass!

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