Spring is ALMOST here!

Hello old and new friends. It's been awhile and I have no one to blame but myself for neglecting this blog in 2017. That's in the past and I'm looking forward to productive 2018 with you all.

We all get the "itch" to get going in the spring, but Mother Nature dictates what is right to do. Wet soil is not good to even walk on let alone work or turn over in a garden. Be patient with mulching and a desire to apply fertilizers or grass seeds.

We like to tell our homeowners to mow your lawn twice before applying fertilizers with pre-emergent herbicides. Mowing twice makes sure all the little pockets of leaves are gone so crabgrass control can be effective. For most cool season lawns, that won't be before March 15-30 usually. You folks with zoysia lawns will have to wait even longer to get two mowing events done. It's all about the soil temperatures folks...we can't control that.

When you do apply your spring application to cool season lawns, we suggest a low nitrogen, high potash application with a season long rate of Dimension pre-emergent herbicide (7-0-22 w/40% PCSCU, .15 dimension). One 50# bags covers between 8-12K and cost $35.00. Come back next month to learn about the zoysia grass application. If you are aerating and seeding a cool season lawn this spring, skip the dimension till the new seed has been mowed 2 times (usually 6 weeks after seeding).

Get you mower serviced, blades sharpened, fertilizer spreader tires aired up (if they take air) and let's see what happens weather wise over the next 2-3 weeks. It's going to be a great 2018 I hope for us all! God bless and remember folks...it's just grass!

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