Between the warm temperatures and lack of rain over the last 60 days, I can't believe what we are going through here. The insects, weeds and warm season lawns all have no idea it's November. Swarms of gnats, late grubs, chiggers, oak tree mites and chinch bugs all present when they shouldn't be. Dandelions in full bloom, knot weed, clover and chick weed isn't too out of the question, but not with this much growth! Aggressively growing Bermuda has been helpful for athletic fields (especially at Ursuline Academy who had a wayward car drive on the field) and zoysia are both growing later then normal. I hope we have colder temperatures soon1

Watering your lawn and shrubs in very important. We don't want our lawns and evergreens to go into winter dormancy stressed from lack of moisture. If you can keep your irrigation system on till the end of the month, you should. At a minimum, use your sprinkler and hose till we get a good rain. Newly planted evergreens will be especially vulnerable to winter kill if they don't get watered before going dormant. Zoysia lawns are vulnerable too! Winter kill attacks warm season lawns that are stressed (dehydrated) and or gets late traffic (sunday touch football). Don't put away your mowers because you will need them late into November!

Things to consider the rest of the month:

*Keep the leaves either mowed up or blown to the curb to prevent smothering the grass. Those “pockets” of leaves can cause dead spots next spring!

*Apply your last fertilizer and spot spray with “ester” formula herbicides (if it’s not too windy).

*Leave Zoysia at 3”, but mow cool season grass down to 2 ½”. The one time of year you want fescue grass shorter than zoysia.

*Winterize your lawn mower in about 3-4 weeks.

*Keep watering until Late-November if possible! Very important!

Well, I get to tell you all that my son Ben has announced his engagement to Maggie Gangler of Kansas City. They are planning a May wedding, so it's going to a busier then normal spring season for me. Maggie is someone my wife and I love very much...Ben is marrying "up"...much like I did! They are a very responsible young couple and we could not be any more happy for them. (one down and one to go! No hurry Claire!)

Life is moving into the late third quarter for me. I can't help but to think that the best days are yet to come? I hope you all feel the same way. Like Abe Lincoln says..."most folks are about as happy as they make themselves out to be". I have to remember to keep the glass half full. Keep up the good work dad. You are an inspiration to all of us who know and love you!

Remember folks, it's just grass!

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