First time posting...working through some bugs.


*Consider applying some organic fertilizer like Milroganite. 100% organic fertilizers at this time of year are excellent to use because of safety and what they do to help the soils profile! Don't be scared...just do it at 10#/1000 ft. sq and watch it green up.

*Grub controls like Merit should be applied now through the rest of July. Grubs and moles have NOTHING to do with each other! Don't be fooled by that line. Trap or poison your moles, but don't be talked into a grub application because you have moles!

WARM SEASON GRASSES: (pretty much the opposite of cool season treatments)

*Mow at 2 inches...weekly.

*Water at high noon if you want to. 2-3 days a week is all that is needed.

*Fertilize with 100% quick release nitrogen

*Aerate and seed zoysia lawns if needed. You have about 2 more weeks for seeding!

*Be on the look out for "chinch bugs" and other surface feeders in zoysia lawns. Often the damage is mistaken for fungus activity. 95% of the damage I see in the field is insect related. Quick killing insecticides like Bifenthrin work very well on these insects! Read the label!

Goals for the rest of the year:

*Loss 20 pounds and keep it off

*Spend more time with my dad

*Focus on my Happiness and not worry about what other people are doing.

Good luck to you the rest of the summer and remember folks...It's just grass!

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