Half Way There...

I like to evaluate my life at the half way point of the year and remind myself that I don't have it too bad. I just had about the best Fathers Day one can have. My sister organized a surprise celebration for my dad and it was very special. She got a box for the baseball game on the Saturday before Father's Day and everyone of his children (8), grandchildren (12) and all but one of his great-grand children (3) made it in from across the country. Needless to say he was very surprised and happy for the time with everyone. I can only wish to have as full a life as my dad has had. Love you pops!

The grass stuff sure has changed form last year! We were getting rain last year like we are getting today, but only about 20" short from last year. Just about everyone ahs their irrigation on this year, but almost none were running last year...what a difference a year makes! Here are some things you can do for the rest of July and beyond:


*Mow HIGH...if at all? Weekly mowing of fescue is not necessary during these times of extreme heat. There is a fine line between "dormancy" (slowing of growth) and "death". Mowing short will encourage DEATH!

*Water deep (30-45 minutes) but Infrequently. I like to suggest watering 2 days in a row, take two days off and water two days in a row again. DO NOT water every other day lightly or every day lightly. That is the worse thing you can do for long term health!

*Read your labels before applying fertilizers, herbicides or anything for that matter to your lawn or landscape plants. Nutsedge controls will be used a lot coming up and those should be applied early in the morning (around 7-8 am) and not mowed over for 3-5 days if possible. Repeat applications are necessary 10-14 days let for best results.

*Don't buy fungicides unless you know what you are getting. You are NOT killing spores in the soil. You are NOT doing anything to prevent fungal activity next month (let alone next year). You ARE getting 25-28 days of protection from INSIDE of the plant and that is it! If you don't reapply in 25-28 days...and the fungus incubation is still active...it will be as though you have done nothing!

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