Spring and Rings

It is not uncommon for one to own a World Series ring—at least, of the replica type distributed to fans on special game days. Very few, however, don the authentic hardware, including one Jr. Billiken who recently joined this elite ring-owners club.


Here is a story about my son on the St. Louis University High School web site:

Ring Worthy

A member of the grounds crew for the Kansas City Royals, Ben Kraemer ’09 recently received a World Series ring during a special ceremony for the team and other members of the organization.

“It feels great to have the ring,” says Kraemer. “Growing up it was always a dream of mine to have a championship ring, and while those dreams didn't necessarily involve me receiving one as a groundskeeper, I certainly will take it! I am blessed to be working for an organization that is generous enough to award grounds crew members rings.”

Talk about being in the right place at the right time…Ben graduated from Mizzou and then got his Masters from Virginia Tech in turf grass science and went to work for the Royals in May of 2015. The rest is history. He sure has been a hard worker who hasn’t forgotten the work ethic that has gotten him this far. We are proud if you son. Keep up the good work!

Now, grass stuff to do in April:

*Be patient with the warm season grasses. You can mow them down to 2-2.5 inches, but don’t fertilize or spray weeds for a couple of weeks. And don’t power rake or aerate till Mid-May.

*You should be putting down Dimension crab grass control asap if you haven’t already. You can’t spot seed with Dimension, so cover the bare areas with towel before applying and shake off the fertilizer into the rest of the yard.

*Mow at 3.5 inches as long as you have mowed 1-2 times.

*Spot spray weeds as needed. Remember to read the label to make sure we all use less herbicides.

*Violets are active as heck, so get the Turflon Ester going! Spray 2 times about 10 days apart for best results.

*Don’t turn the irrigation for another month!

I hope you all had a good Easter weekend.

It would have been my mom’s 82nd birthday on the Saturday before Easter, so it was kind of sad day for me. Those first year special days after a loved one is gone can be difficult. I was reading a book titled, “Three Moments of the Day” by Christopher Collins, S.J. I suggest this to anyone who needs some time management suggestions! Quick read and very good!

Remember folks…it’s just grass!

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